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In the circle of life, pollination is a fundamental process to guarantee the evolution of the species. It’s a contamination, a magical process in which natural elements like air and water are involved, together with many living beings. Bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds, small animals that instinctively take part in the same natural event that generates life. On...

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FW 2018/2019

Paraphernalia, the new Voodoo Jewels Fall/Winter 2019 collection is a tale of a woman and her private pleasures,a treasure chest where her desires, her dreams and her victories are stored. It’s a journey back into the female universe, in which tradition and innovation are melted together. A new vision that combines memories from the past with future suggestions.In...

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SS 2018

Floredo is the narration of the nature's awakening in the palace garden of a maharaja.An intimate moment during which every living creature can express itself, without caring about the human presence.Inspired by the latin word "albedo", the alchemical process of washing away the impurities from a shapeless mass, the Floredo collection combines floral forms with a tropical, middle...

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FW 2017/2018

Inspired by the greek myth of the nymph who became a laurel tree to flee from Apollo, Daphne is a collection made of sensual and sinuous jewelry. Memories of ancient jewels, greek and etruscan, comes by the past to enhance the modern figure of the woman.The shapes of creations remind leafs and roots, with very light structures. They strongly contrast with some bold and geometric...

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Voodoo Jewels relate the human dimension with the spirits of Nature.
Every creation acts as a bridge between an earthly reality and an enchanted world inhabited by spirits and ghosts.

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