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FW 2017/2018

Inspired by the greek myth of the nymph who became a laurel tree to flee from Apollo, Daphne is a collection made of sensual and sinuous jewelry. Memories of ancient jewels, greek and etruscan, comes by the past to enhance the modern figure of the woman.The shapes of creations remind leafs and roots, with very light structures. They strongly contrast with some bold and geometric...

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SS 2017

Thalassa celebrates the biodiversity, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and beauty but also a treasure to defend.A collection where aesthetics merges with ethics, with the aim of making people aware of the danger of losing that richness.Thalassa is the primordial spirit of the sea, the goddess who according to the Greek mythology generated life.The expressive power of jewels...

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FW 2016/2017

The moment the body surrenders to sleep. The world of dreams enchant our minds to bring them to an unexpected world, where there are no rules. Onirica borns from the attraction for Dream, the moment when man comes into contact with the wilder, indomitable and inscrutable aspect of his personality. The creations are the result of a creative flow that does not arise...

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SS 2016

Nature has a unique rule, focused on the need to evolve towards more and more harmonious levels of existence.Instinct is the only force that sets the choices, getting out sometimes from rational thought. This impulsive character informs Amniotica, a collection in which many contrasting elements blend together to tell a single story. Ancient tribal jewelry inspire shapes...

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Voodoo Jewels relate the human dimension with the spirits of Nature.
Every creation acts as a bridge between an earthly reality and an enchanted world inhabited by spirits and ghosts.

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